The Fatal Flaws of Traditional Performance Management

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Performance management is broken. Here’s why, and what you can do to fix it. I read this article this morning and it really resonated with me. The original is by M. Tamra Chandler  (the author deserved all the credit here) – I have summarised my main take aways… This year the industry is buzzing about performance management. That’s because we’re starting to realize that the way we’ve been trying to drive employee and organizational performance for the past 60-plus years simply doesn’t work. But why doesn’t traditional performance management work, and what can you do about it? The problems with traditional performance management stem from the fact that the fundamentals first emerged post-WWII, and haven’t changed much despite how different today’s business environment is from the average workplace of the 1950s. Today, the 9-5 workday is essentially a thing of the past. We’re always on, always connected, answering emails at midnight.Keep Reading

Who are your HIPO’s?

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No, I do not have a typo. I am not talking about those big somewhat loveable yet dangerous animals that frequent the waters…. HIPO’s… High Potential Candidates. Those job applicants or current employees in your midst that are the potential proactive earners, the successes, the gems. You can’t tell just by looking at them. They are not wearing a big gold star on their lapel that signifies “I am your best employee to be.’’ An effective tool to use in identifying the HIPO’s is a behavioral assessment or psychological test that is specifically designed for jobfit analysis, such as the Harrison. Behavioral assessments have a much better chance of gaining insight into behavior/suitability because they have a pre-designed strategy that structures questions and carefully considers interpretations of the questions. However, to be effective, behavioral assessments must: measure a large number of factors; effectively manage lie prevention and detection; produce resultsKeep Reading

Simply Terrible Life Advice (That I’m glad I never took)

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  A few Pieces of Simply Terrible Life Advice (That I’m glad I never took) While walking the dog at 6.15 this morning, sipping on my coffee, contemplating my day, this question popped into my head: “What’s the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?” I started to list them in my mind. And they just kept coming! I had to race home and start writing, my creative muse turns up at the oddest times, and when she does – I’ve got to take action! Everyone has advice. Not all of it’s good—some of it can be downright bad. But not everybody knows the difference. Here are some laughable gems of wisdom that I’ve heard over the years that i’m glad I never listened to…write me your comments and share your own bad advice gems with me! I’m curious. Here’s my list of 20 belters: 1. Snap out of it.  I’ve taughtKeep Reading

5 Habits of Highly Successful People Before Bedtime.

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5 Habits to practise before hitting the pillow. I often like to read articles from The Huffington Post. I thought this one was a good one to share for all those sleep deprived high flyers out there. We’ve all heard the stories about the mega-successful who wake up early every day and conquer the world before most people put the coffee on. But what about the other time of day that plays an equally important role? What are successful people doing right before bed? Do you want to know the secret? They set themselves up to have an even more productive day tomorrow. Here are six bedtime habits of highly successful people. 1. Read for an hour Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates is an avid reader. Each night before bed, he spends an hour reading a book, ranging on topics from politics to current events. Aside from the obvious benefits of gainingKeep Reading

8 Epiphanies everyone should have.

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Those ultra special Ah-Ha! moments. Letting go of what you have always known in order to allow your potential to emerge is one of the biggest risks in life. Transformation only occurs when you stride through the vulnerability that often appears when change begins to take place. New thoughts can be challenging, uncomfortable and almost alien to begin with, however, what you do after your “ah-ha!” moments of clarity is what really matters. Does your new thinking inspire you to take action? Or does the feeling of vulnerability push you back into your comfort zone? It’s up to you to decide. Here are some epiphanies that have emerged time and time again in my coaching sessions. How can they impact your life for the better? The next step is courage to continue. 1. You aren’t what people say you are. What matters most is what you say and feel about yourself.Keep Reading

8 Happiness Truths you should accept to keep moving forward

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Many of my coaching clients first come to me looking for the epiphany: that instant moment when you have it figured out, and all of the emotional pain is wiped away with clarity. Sometimes it happens for them. They return with excited emotions and they say, “I had my aha moment!” It’s great to have an epiphany, but what you do with that new clarity is what matters most. Most of our habits are so ingrained in our lives that changing behaviours causes regression. Most epiphanies force us to see situations and ourselves in a new light. The next step is courage. And taking that step to live out your epiphany is when real transformation happens. In my own life I’ve had some powerful moments. But the ones that have impacted my life the most are the ones I’ve put into practice. Below are eight epiphanies everyone should have. TheyKeep Reading